Thursday, 9 October 2008

9th October 2008

We have arrived, and we feel professional! 
(This is our first blog so it might take a while for it to make any sense.)
We are 2 ladies currently studying in Bath for degrees in Creative Arts BA and Graphic Communications BA. We are interested in fings wot are nice, and want to share these fings with the world. We enjoy baking, taking tea, eating what we bake, making clothes and aprons out of old clothes, cats, image making, knitting, sewing, dancing (we love a good old wobble), prawns, picnics, tea parties, feeding the ducks and the squirrels, a lovely sandwich, and lots of nattering, making toys, card-making, making books and magazines, jewellery design and accessory design.

Coming soon... photos of fings wot are nice, including remade dresses, hats, cakes, drawings and more.

Love from Fifi and Lola x

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